Mitochondria based cell models that have yielded EMA and FDA approved products.

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ICDD's Proprietary & extensively validated cell-based models deliver cutting-edge data points for drug and companion diagnostic development.


Billions of years ago life learned how to breathe

and produce energy.

The mitochondria developed somewhere between 1.8 billion to 580 million years ago via endosymbiosis (when eukaryotic cell engulfs a bacteria) accompanied by gene transfer from endosymbiont to host.

Mitochondria are central organelles in the cell. They generate cellular energy, produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) that regulate physiological processes, and are involved in the control of cell death.


Mitochondria are central to the story of aging.

Altered mitochondrial function and behavior have been recognized in CNS diseases, cancer, metabolic diseases and more generally age-associated diseases.

Drug-induced modifications of mitochondrial function and behavior, when unintended, are associated with severe side effects.

Mitochondrial function and behavior are phenotypic readouts that can characterize patient-derived disease cell models, drug response, and tolerance elements.


From target discovery to a mechanism of action to toxicity profiling; ICDD's cell models enable it all.

Leverage ICDD's extensively curated BioBank for pharmaceutical research and validation using ICDD cell models.

ICDD has developed expertise in the development and validation of patient-derived cell models to increase results translatability. We favor primary cell models. Stem cell-derived pertinent cell models for specific diseases can be also be provided. 


HTS and HCA industry-validated screening platforms for efficacy and safety for active ingredients or complete formulae

ICDD Assays delivers fully-integrated multiplexed bioassays that allow for testing mitochondria in live cells, to deliver pertinent and meaningful results.






  • Focuses on Mitochondria behavior

  • Establishes phenotypic outcomes resultant of the dynamic interaction of mitochondrial targets with targets in other cell compartments

  • Non-permeabilised primary living cells

  • High throughput screening

  • High content analysis platform

Enables Validation of:

  • Qualify and quantify cellular adaptibility

  • Disease signatures from patient-derived cell models

  • Disease-modifying property of drugs

  • Toxicity potential

  • Organ-toxicity signatures

  • Clinical tolerance at preclinical stage

MITOSTREAM  Mitochondria behavior analysis technology is patented protected and is unique to ICDD globally.




  • Focuses on Mitochondrial Function

  • Functional Bioassays

  • Multiplexed targets

  • Non-permeabilised primary living cells

  • High Throughput Screening

  • Customizable across a wide variety of cell models

  • Mechanism of action and pharmacological activity

  • Mitochondrial impact and liability.

  • Early de-selection of hits with mitochondrial liabilities.

Enables Discovery of:





  • Anti Virals

  • Cancer

  • CardioProtection

  • CNS Diseases

  • Metabolic Diseases, and more


Validation of Mitochondrial behaviour and functioning at at a genetic level.

ICDD now delivers gene expression and miRNA profiles across all mitochondrial related pathways as a standard part of its services.


Experienced and trusted

by industry.

ICDD and its team have over 40 years of experience in mitochondrial biology, assay development & data modeling.

Anubhav Anusha

Chief Executive, GeneStore ICDD

Dr. Nathalie Compagnone Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, ICDD

In 2019, ICDD merged with GeneStore, a globally networked genomics company.

"The merger is positioned to enable clients in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry to match product functions to the unique genetic profile of customers."


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