Mitochondria based cell models that deliver robust validations for diverse claims

Proprietary & extensively validated cell-based models deliver mitochondria driven data points for validation of actives, active mix and complete formulations.


Billions of years ago the living learned how to breathe and produce


The mitochondria developed somewhere between 1.8 billion to 580 million years ago via endosymbiosis (when eukaryotic cell engulfs a bacteria) accompanied by gene transfer from endosymbiont to host.

Mitochondria are central organelles in the cell. They generate cellular energy, produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) that regulate physiological processes, and are involved in the control of cell death.


Mitochondria Behavior in a Live Cell Model.

Captured at ICDD.

Mitochondria screening delivers a multi-claim validation approach

Mitochondrial dysfunction is considered as the central feature of cellular functioning and ageing.


Mitochondria Control Cellular Energy Production


Mitochondria Regulate Cell Quality Control Processes


Mitochondria Play A Major Role In Cellular Ageing


Mitochondria are a major source of ROS and natual anti-oxidant defenses.



Mitochondrial bioenergetics & fusion-fission balance are differently impacted in young and mature skin cells.



Mitochondrial dynamic network and mtDNA are pertinent targets to understand protection from UV and IR.

Because Mitochondria interact with all cellular components

1. Nucleolus

2. Nucleus

3. Ribosomes

4. Endocytosis & Exocytosis

5. RER

6. Golgi Apparatus

7. Cytoskeleton

8. SER

9. Lysosomes

10. Cytosol

11. Vacuoles

12. Centrosomes

13. Proteasomes

14. Cell Membrane


Mitochondria profiling using live cells and cellular systems to understand your actives & ingredients

ICDD assays delivers fully-integrated multiplexed bioassays that allow for testing mitochondria in live cells, to deliver pertinent and meaningful results.



Bioenergetic Balance Screen

  • Integrative analysis based on several bioenergetic markers in live cells.

  • Understanding of pathways in which ATP production is controlled.


  • Selection of actives that modulate energy production under various impaired physiological conditions.


Quality Control

  • Mitochondria as a fusion-fission dynamic intracellular mosaic.

  • Understand the process of mitophagy during the destruction and membrane recycling.

  • To measure the physiological consequences of oxidative stress.

  • To select actives, ingredients or formulations.



  • Measure mtDNA content and its integrity in live cells.

  • To develop products that prevent or repair mtDNA damages (i.e. sun care).

mtDNA Content

  • To identify anti-aging and/or detox products.



  • Focuses on Mitochondria behavior

  • Establishes phenotypic outcomes resultant of the dynamic interaction of mitochondrial targets with targets in other cell compartments

  • Non-permeabilised primary living cells

  • High Throughput Screening

Enables Validation of:

  • Establishes age-reversal property of active or formula.

  • Aging-related signatures for different skin-types or ethnicities.

  • Focuses on Mitochondrial Function

  • Functional Bioassays

  • Multiplexed targets

  • Non-permeabilised primary living cells

  • High Throughput Screening

  • Customizable across a wide variety of cell models

  • Mechanism of action.

  • Mitochondrial impact and liability.

Enables Discovery of:





Build a Custom Model For You.

Different Primary Cell Models

  • Fibroblasts 

  • Keratinocytes

  • Melanocytes 

  • Customized cell systems: Sebocytes, Pre-adipocytes, and more.

Validation of Mitochondrial behaviour and functioning at a genetic level

ICDD now delivers gene expression and miRNA profiles across all mitochondrial related pathways as a standard part of its services.


Experienced and trusted by industry

ICDD and its team have over 40 years of experience in mitochondrial biology, assay development & data modeling.

Dr. Nathalie Compagnone Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, ICDD

Anubhav Anusha

Founder & CEO, GeneStore

In 2019, ICDD merged with GeneStore, a globally networked genomics company.

"This merger enables our clients to implement personalised care by matching functionally validated claims of their products to the unique genetic/biological needs of their end consumers.


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